Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traci Wood Beading Ceremony

One of Traci's tickets was to get parents more involved with Cub Scouts.  She was the Blue and Gold Committee Chair and used that position to involve more parents and put on a fabulous Blue and Gold Banquet.  Traci's beads were awarded at the Blue and Gold.  

Traci Blowing a Kudu Horn
Below is an excerpt of what she said about the difference this ticket made in the lives of boys.

"I worked carefully with the pack committee chair to help fill the Awards chair and membership chair positions.  As I am the Blue & Gold chair I began to ask for people to help with the banquet.  A full committee helps the pack function properly and smoothly.   This is what makes a difference in the boys experience as a cub scout.  Parental involvement and enthusiasm keeps the pack and the boys moving through the year. It has been a great year and I am glad to be a part of my pack.  They are wonderful leaders." 

Overall ticket experience:
"I wanted to use the oppor- tunity of my tickets to help me under- stand what I can do in cub scouting once my den of Webelos crosses over into the Boy Scout Troop next year.  And, they have done just that. I now know that I will still be able to make a difference in a boys experience, even though I will not have a direct involvement with a den.  I will miss being a den leader but look forward to the challenge of working in cubs on a district and council level.  I will always remember my journey through completing my tickets."