Thursday, February 17, 2011

Congratulations Karlin Coombs from the Owl Patrol

Wahooo! We have another owl who completed a ticket! Congratulations Karlin Coombs!!! Below is an excerpt of how Wood Badge had made a difference in the lives of the boys Karlin works with.

"I do know that having a fun and consistent program has kept them coming and participating. I think of one boy who struggles socially... Cubs has given him a place to come and be accepted and able to participate with boys his age. I have seen him grow this year and feel comfortable passing him on to the bear den. His family has supported him, [more than they have in the past]. It has not only helped him, but his family as well. I have really enjoyed watching him grow, learn, and earn his awards.

Woodbadge was a door for me -- it helped me see what the program can do for boys. I realized how we prepare our boys for the Boy Scout program and that we are there to help form character, not just earn awards. I love the program and am grateful to be part of it."

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