Thursday, February 17, 2011

Congratulations to Matthew Flitton on Getting His Beads

Congratulations Matthew Flitton!!! We are so excited for Matthew and his work with the Varsity Scouts. One of Matthew's favorite ticket items was to conduct the Varsity Leadership Training course as outlined in the Varsity Guidebook. This ticket made a great difference in the life of one boy. Here is an excerpt:

"I held this at a cabin in November. We taught the classes, and between classes the boys could play video games, watch movies, and play pool. This helped individual boys in several ways. I have a new Varsity Scout [who's] not athletic and likes to play video games. He's kind of shy. ... The video games made him feel more comfortable and he participated in the action breaks and classes. He got to know the boys, and the other boys got to know him. One of them had previously teased him at school. He has stopped, and started being a friend to [this boy]."

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